listeners never hear any good of themselves

listeners never hear any good of themselves
Eavesdroppers is now very usual for listeners.

1647 Mercurius Elencticus 26 Jan.-2 Feb. 76 The old Proverb is, Hearkners never heare good of them selves.

1678 J. RAY English Proverbs (ed. 2) 75 Listners ne’er hear good of themselves.

1839 DICKENS Nicholas Nickleby xlii. ‘If it is fated that listeners are never to hear any good of themselves,’ said Mrs. Browdie, ‘I can’t help it, and I am very sorry for it.’

1881 J. C. HARRIS Uncle Remus X. Brer Fox wuz stannin’ at de back do’ wid one year at de cat-hole lissenin’. Eave-drappers don’t hear no good er deyse’f, en de way Brer Fox was ’bused dat day wuz a caution.

1907 E. NESBIT Enchanted Castle v. He..opened the door suddenly, and there..was Eliza... ‘You know what listeners never hear,’ said Jimmy severely.

1977 A. NEWMAN Evil Streak IV. 178 They say listeners never hear any good of themselves but there is no excuse for..ingratitude.

1992 A. LAMBERT Rather English Marriage (1993) xvii. 289 ‘Eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves,’ Grace would have said, and she’d have been right.

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